Fire Incident

Wasif Kazmi

A days back three minor and one infant were burnt alive to death near sawami Nagar was reported to rescuers by victims neighbors.

It was learned that Javed was professionally a riksha driver and his wife used to work as housemaid in different houses. On Wednesday she went to work as daily routine to put on heater in her single room house as keep warm her children from high cold. Unfortunately childrens was alone at home when cloths caught fire from burning heater.

As the result fire took wrap thier single room. When neighbours saw flames and smoke were raising from thier room they tried to went extinguishing the fire and called rescue 1122 at the moment. One of the eye witnessed Asif told that their house was locked inside when tragic incident happened. He went to extinguish the fire from backside thier house and jumped at the spot to…

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